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Vilnius depot

CIMG0394.JPG 20122007218.jpg 1-d-106 07.06.1989 radviliskis.jpg
Hinda seda faili (praegune hinnang: 3.3 / 5, hindajaid 6)
Faili info
Faili nimi:20122007218.jpg
Albumi nimi:ČME, VME (ČME3, ČME3t, VME1 etc)
Hinnang (6 häälega):33333(Näita üksikasju)
Picture author and e-mail:Vitalij
Faili maht:139 KiB
Lisamise aeg:dets 21, 2007
Mõõtmed:899 x 674 px
Näidatud:1474 korda
Lemmikud:Lisa lemmikutesse

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Dimm   [dets 21, 2007 kell 04:15 PM]
Audrius   [dets 21, 2007 kell 05:16 PM]
All LG CME3 will be like this?
Taivo   [dets 21, 2007 kell 05:55 PM]
On kusagil ka kirjas mis tal seal kapotiall peidus ja mida see teha oskab?
diisel   [dets 21, 2007 kell 05:58 PM]
5 more have been stripped for reconstruction and
Rolfi   [dets 21, 2007 kell 07:29 PM]
Minu teada kapoti all on Caterpillar-i diisel.
DeeJott   [dets 21, 2007 kell 09:34 PM]
kurat see on ikka päris kena raisk
diisel   [dets 22, 2007 kell 08:19 PM]
I got information that first 5 new CME's will go to Klaipeda and all old CME's will be rebuilt.
Audrius   [dets 22, 2007 kell 09:58 PM]
Great news! Thanks diisel
diisel   [dets 22, 2007 kell 11:09 PM]
And when all Siemens ER20's have arrived, TEP60's, TEP70's and TEP70BS's will be taken down from service. Renovating 2M62 locos into Caterpillar has also ended, old original 2M62's will probably also be taken down and dismanteled. So in couple of years, in Lithuania will be only ER20 and renovated CME3 locos.
tunturi   [dets 23, 2007 kell 02:09 AM]
But ER20 is made like freight train locomotive-which locomotive replaced passenger trains?Does M62 series locomotives sell to Mongolia like estonian C30-7A?
diisel   [dets 23, 2007 kell 11:39 AM]
ER20's will replace all TEP locos, EPT will be added to ER20 original project so they can easily haul passanger trains. I don't think that mongolians are interested in Lithuanian M62's.
pokk   [dets 24, 2007 kell 01:06 AM]
But what happens with TEM2s then? There will be enough ČME3M so no need for TEM2s?
Robertas   [dets 25, 2007 kell 01:05 AM]
diisel, if you are sure about the future of LG rolling stock, can you post these news to the "balticrailways" mailing group at Yahoo?
diisel   [dets 25, 2007 kell 02:34 PM]
I am positive. These news came from head-shief of LG. But can you give me the address of the mailing group so I can read all the posts without logging into my mailbox?
Robertas   [dets 25, 2007 kell 04:25 PM]

Kommentaar 1-lt 15-le 15 kohta
Lk: 1

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