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D1-366,Vilnius,29_03_2007a.jpg CIMG2393.JPG Radviliskis_IMG_7947.jpg
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Имя файла:CIMG2393.JPG
Альбом:D, D1
Picture author and e-mail:Audrius&Aivaras
Размер файла:109 КБ
Добавлен:Июль 12, 2008
Размеры:900 x 675 пикселей
Просмотрен:671 раз(а)
Избранные:Добавить в Избранное

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diisel   [Июль 12, 2008 в 23:08]
What are they doing there? Do you know the other numbers standing there?
Kriupis   [Июль 12, 2008 в 23:25]
Yes, i know, there are 427-03,663-04,430-03,653-04,662-02,662-04,662-01, 385-03,653-02, 662-03 and 637-02, they comed from Naujoji vilnia i think, and near Rimkai is scrap yard, they will be going there, and will be scraped Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Kriupis   [Июль 12, 2008 в 23:44]
THey arrived today about 18:00 ,and now i can see them ( i see all Rimkai station) they are "sleeping" tomorow i think they will go to the scrap yard
Kriupis   [Июль 12, 2008 в 23:48]
i have some photos of that scrap yard, there was er9m's wagons only, they arrived like those D1, but i did'nt see when, here is photos, look all

Комментарий 1 к 4 от 4
Страница: 1

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